Retirement and Wealth Planning

Beacon Hill Financial (BHF) is a Fee Based Wealth Preservation Firm. We manage our clients’ assets providing our clients with what we hope is a stress free retirement. We begin with a formal, written financial plan and construct a portfolio, and match our client’s risk tolerances with specific Wealth Management Portfolio Managers.

Asset Preservation

We assist families in preserving their assets from the devastating effects a stay in a long-term care facility.

We work with a network of specialists in this field which provide both legal and financial tools to remove our clients’ assets from harm’s way, and to efficiently pass assets to their heirs.

It’s never too late to plan for Asset Preservation.

Our team represents our client throughout state hearings to preserve these assets even though our client currently resides in a facility.

Long Term Asset Planning

One of the biggest fears retirees have is to lose their retirement to the high costs of nursing homes. We work with our clients to insure their retirement assets from the catastrophic costs of nursing home planning with the most up to date and innovative plans.

Retirement Income Planning

We provide our client with a guaranteed stream of income which they cannot outlive.

Elder Care Financial Planning

Some of the services we offer:

  1. Conservative Wealth Management

Matching our clients’ risk tolerance with portfolio managers with similar investments goals.

  1. Long Term Care Planning

We take the mystery and worry away from our clients regarding losing their nest egg from the high cost of Long Term Health Care costs.

  1. Crisis Planning

We work with our team of specialists to preserve some of their assets even though they are in a facility today.

  1. Estate Planning

We assist our clients to efficiently pass their assets to their heirs.

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