Will You Be Prepared When the Market Cools Off?

Markets have cycles, and at some point, the major indices will descend.  We have seen a tremendous rally on Wall Street, nearly nine months long, with the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones Industrial Average repeatedly settling at all-time peaks. Investors are delighted by what they have witnessed. Have they become irrationally exuberant?  The […]

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Protect your assets

How to Preserve your Assets from Nursing Home Costs

Care facilities provide a valuable service to the disabled and elderly. Often, people are in nursing homes because they have no one to care for them or because their family is unable to provide the level or type of care required. Unfortunately, nursing homes are expensive. Nursing home costs leave many seniors no choice but […]

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Financial Security

Money Habits That May Help You Become Wealthier

Financially speaking, what do some households do right? Why do some households tread water financially while others make progress? Does it come down to habits? Sometimes the difference starts there. A household that prioritizes paying itself first may end up in much better financial shape in the long run than other households. Some families see […]

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estate planning

Estate Planning for the Senior Adult

Estate planning is something that individuals tend to think about when a senior adult becomes ill. Some people decide to plan early before anything happens to ensure that family needs are met and assets are taken care of. Times change, however, and people do, as well. If they initiate their planning early, what applies then […]

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Social Security Changes

Social Security Changes for 2017

In 2017, several Social Security changes take effect that will impact both retirees and future beneficiaries. Current retirees will benefit from a modest cost-of-living increase and increased earning limits for those who continue to work part-time. Maximum payouts for individuals waiting to collect Social Security until the full retirement age of 66 also rise modestly […]

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Meal Planning

Cooking Tips for Caregivers

Studies show that people who eat meals prepared at home have healthier diets. Finding the time and energy to cook after a hectic day, especially when you are a caregiver, can be a challenge. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your other responsibilities, use the following tips to find ways to cook tasty, nutritious meals […]

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