retirement savings

Creating a Retirement Strategy

Most people just invest for the future. You have a chance to do more.  Across the country, people are saving for that “someday” called retirement. Someday, their careers will end. Someday, they may live off their savings or investments, plus Social Security.  They know this, but many of them do not know when, or how, […]

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Cybercrime affects both large corporations and private individuals. You’ve likely read about the large data breaches in the business world. These crimes are both expensive and on the rise. The U.S. Identity Theft Resource Center says that these corporate data breaches reached a peak of 1,632 in 2017. The response to the growing need for data […]

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Social Security

Can I collect Social Security on my spouse’s record?

Spousal benefits from social security income are the monthly amount a spouse can receive from the earned Social Security benefits earned by a spouse or ex-spouse. The amount of the benefit and the age when the claims can begin will depend on certain variables. Spousal benefits do not match the earnings of the benefit earned […]

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Elderly couple on a bike ride in the forest

More Retirees Say They Have Money to Live Comfortably

There was a survey that was recently taken by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. People were asked if they were confident that they will have enough money to live on when they retire. Eighty percent of people stated that they were comfortable enough to live on during retirement. The number has not been that high […]

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Money jar with pension label.

Treasury Department Agrees To More Lump-Sum Pension Payments

Additional lump-sum pension payments have been approved by the Treasury Department. If the retiree accepts these buyouts, there is a good chance they are going to lose their money. The recent pension changes have enabled companies to buy out the lifetime annuity payment of the senior with just one lump-sum payment. This change may have […]

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Do Your Investments Match Your Risk Tolerance?

When was the last time you looked at the content of your portfolio? From time to time, it is a good idea to review how your portfolio assets are allocated – how they are divided among asset classes. At the inception of your investment strategy, your target asset allocations reflect your tolerance for risk. Over […]

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Taking Charge of Your Financial Life

Delegating responsibilities to others may lead to problems down the road. When you are putting together a household, it isn’t unusual to delegate responsibilities. One spouse or partner may take on the laundry, while another takes on the shopping. You might also decide which one of you vacuums and which one of you dusts. This […]

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Saving Your Elderly Parents from Financial Fraud

Saving Your Elderly Parents from Financial Fraud

Talk about precautions with the seniors in your family.    Elders are financially defrauded in this country on a daily basis. Only a few of these crimes are made public. In fact, the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) estimates that only 1 in 44 cases of elder financial abuse are reported. NAPSA also reports […]

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Boomers Face Tougher Retirement Than Their Parents Did

A recent report has shown that American consumers in the “Boomer” generation are currently struggling more to retire comfortably than those in their parent’s generation did on average. There are several causes to this situation, but one of the main causes has been identified as the housing crisis that took place around a decade ago […]

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