Retirement can be compared to the four corner pillars of any great edifice. If one pillar is removed, the entire structure collapses. Just as the building needs all four corner pillars to bear weight, a balanced retirement needs the following four pillars to equally support your future.

The four pillars of a sturdy retirement are investments,¬†consistent income, long-term care, and efficiently passing assets to spouse and heirs. These pillars typically occur in chronological order. At BHF, I’ve been keeping to keep our client’s retirement stools steady and upright for over 20 years.

Investments – Investments are the first pillar on which all the others depend. Sound, investments fund your retirement and enable you to reach your goals. Just like you and your family, your goals for retirement investing are unique. Therefore, your investments must uniquely fund your vision.

Consistent Income – Sound investments provide you a consistent income for the future, the second pillar of retirement. No one can depend on Social Security for living expenses, and few attain a business retirement income sufficient to fulfill retirement goals. Therefore, consistent income from your investments for retirement is a significant part of your rewarding retirement.

Long-term Care – Eventually, you or your spouse may need long-term care, the third and important pillar of a balanced retirement. This type of professional care is expensive. In order to meet these needs with confidence, your planning and investments must consider these future costs and create the necessary funds separate from other aspects of your retirement portfolio.

Estate Planning РI guide my clients on how to efficiently leave a financial legacy to their heirs, causes and organizations they care about. Planning for this fourth pillar in advance, and separately from the other three, is the key to realizing this goal.

At Beacon Hill Financial, I start with a written comprehensive financial plan based on your entire financial health. I then conduct an extensive risk analysis to ensure your investments match your personal risk tolerance for any market scenario. It all begins with understanding our clients’ goals, expectations, and risk tolerance.

I am more than a Financial Planner – I am someone you can relate to and share your dreams with. I have experience in the highly specialized field of retirement planning and asset preservation. I have achieved successful results for over 18 years, focusing our attention on improving our client’s retirement years.

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